Hope to Opportunities Foundation and Advo Companies, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates a pre-vocational training center, adult day habilitation center, and 28 residential homes for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities.  We have been providing services in Amarillo and 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle since 1991.  Our philosophy is to provide meaningful and productive employment and a safe living environment for all persons.  At present, our primary service populations are those persons with intellectual disabilities however, our service base has expanded to include persons with closed head injuries, cerebral palsy, and those that are deaf, blind, autistic and diabetic.



The “MISSION” of Hope to Opportunities Foundation is to provide a service delivery system that permits individuals with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose the level of educational, vocational and work options needed to meet their personal goals and objectives.   We accomplish this by making available a variety of training, work opportunities and a well-prepared developmental plan created by our experienced team of Advo trainers. This training and education allow the individual to cease being a passive recipient of services and becomes a decision maker in obtaining their goals and desires.



Our current program population is 174 and growing daily. For this reason, a range of skill development and work participation programs designed to meet individual needs are offered. A team consisting of the individual, family members, and the professional and experienced Advo Companies staff, prepare a developmental plan geared toward increasing the abilities of the individual served. All goals strive to build upon their strengths and move them toward a meaningful role in society. First and foremost, this involves the opportunity for choice. All individuals are encouraged to become active participants in the learning and living process, including goal setting, which will encourage them to achieve whatever level of accomplishment they choose.



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